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Director of the John Smith Centre for Politics & Public Service | Board member @sistemascotland | The old normal wasn’t good enough

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

Pity he wasn’t more strongly in support of Heathrow in recent years. Punjab-born UK MP Virendra Sharma leads campaign to save Heathrow jobs - cities - Hindustan Times…

RT @WMLabour: Clement Attlee’s Labour Government said it wasn’t good enough to go back to the old and unfair ways of doing things – and despite great challenges, transformed our society. 75 years later, their legacy lives on.

And it wasn’t just a bad dream! It’s real.

Wasn’t she going to abolish hospital parking charges? #Ninewells not.

@martingfindlay @pressjournal If it wasn’t such a serious matter, they would deserve an early “bah humbug” award!

RT @jhalcrojohnston: Struggling to see what “facts” he wasn’t appraised of if, as he suggested, he’d looked into it? And given FM chose to (effectively) overrule him, what additional “facts” she had? Latest tweet from Jeane Freeman suggests Jason Leitch was right. What an unnecessary mess.

RT @lulabel06146178: @INTOBLUE2017 @georgegalloway It would be funny if the country wasn’t suffering under the strain of this mash up. Remember when people had to resign from Government cos they slept with their secretary ? She appears to be screwing her party and the country and she’s still hanging on in there.

After having coronavirus elderly people are weaker and more likely to die. Matt Hancock can’t pretend if it wasn’t for coronavirus they would be alive so all year on year ‘excess deaths’ are due to coronavirus. Keep up.

Lisa Raitt (Conservative) tweeted :

From policy proposal to a $250k taxpayer funded feasibility study. Moving pretty fast for something that wasn’t going to happen.

RT @Mortgagemadre: RT @Mortgagemadre: I’d say he wasn’t listening. I don’t care how avid a reader he is...…