All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DorsetChamber: The Government have expanded which businesses qualify for business rate relief and they’ve removed the limit on rateable value (previously £51,000). Full details here:…

Matt Western MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

If any Warwick and Leamington constituents are stranded in New Zealand - they’ve extended the window for international flights for next 48 hours.

RT @brennajessie_: Went for a nice relaxing rural and socially distant walk at Gullane and it’s been closed because they’ve found a WW2 bomb. Very normal times these.

RT @TeachingAHT: Assistant Director of Nursing at QE has said they’ve had a message today that virus seems to be spreading quickly via petrol pumps so they advise to wear gloves when filling up or use paper towel and bin straight away. Can you please pass this around to anyone you know. ⛽️

RT @ClaireHanna: Like many people, I’m working from home with the kids here too. I’m on the phone a lot & they’ve probably heard more about Coronavirus than they should. Along with your own mental well-being, important to ensure children don’t feel overwhelmed by it either. Useful resources here

@gsoh31 @lukeakehurst @YouGov They’ve not been told who is to be supported yet.

RT @JoeyRushy: This is our local @sainsburys in Edinburgh. Staff just told us they’ve got to take donations out of food bank box to store them because shoppers have been walking past & helping themselves to what’s not on shop floor. Please donate to @TrussellTrust #BeKind in this craziness

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Absolute solidarity with mo chairde Alex, Liz and all Maskey Clann. They’ve endured much threat & attack over many years from brits and never broken. So, sure those nonsense threats will not broken them either! A warm hug brother!

The economy is tanking under Scott Morrison’s watch and the best they’ve got to defend themselves is to criticise Labor’s time in government seven years ago. And it still doesn’t stack up. #auspol

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @CPJElmore :

RT @CPJElmore: Worrying that local members are asking me why they’ve not received their ballot for the labour leadership. Absolutely vital members & supporters have their say on who our new leader and deputy leader is. #WhereIsMyBallot…