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RT @justmegranty: @GlasgowAlbum Because the other 3 main party’s are fighting amongst themselves. They need to work together #Alliance4Unity @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway we need to rid Scotland of division and grievance #snpout2021

David Maynier (DA) retweeted @BBGAfrica :

RT @BBGAfrica: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is considering making changes to his cabinet after he meets the ruling party’s leadership this weekend

RT @blsanthosh: Ex CM of @INCKarnataka has tagged me in 13 tweets . Not one condemning riots or attack on his own party’s Dalit MLA or asking Govt for tough actions . Same beating around the bush asking irrelevant questions to BJP. Fear of votes & Policy of appeasement. #CongressAgainstDalits

RT @EamonnFitz: Activists who are neo-Nazi and white supremacist sympathisers appear to have taken over the Liberal Party’s account. There can be no other explanation for this ridiculous tweet attacking indigenous Australians for having an opinion. What a bunch of puerile tools.…

raymond de roon (pvv) retweeted @usambnl :

RT @usambnl: We must stand firm against the Chinese Community Party’s state-sponsored IP theft, harboring of cyber criminals, cyber intrusions on COVID research, and monitoring dissidents. Proud of our colleagues working to combat this malign behavior in the United States and the Netherlands.

Commented @AnnieWellsMSP⁩: “The fact that Nicola Sturgeon didn’t turn up to her own party’s national executive meeting is telling. Not only is she not explaining what happened to the general public, she’s not even explaining it to her own party.”…

RT @jhalcrojohnston: It’s a shame SNP ministers and MSPs don’t get as angry about the impact on patients of their party’s mismanagement of Scotland’s NHS as they do about valid criticism of that mismanagement. #HealthDebate

RT @Supriya23bh: Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi meets party’s Lok Sabha MPs to discuss current political & economic situation in the country...

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

This is absolutely right. The problem is not the whistleblowers, the problem is the Labour party’s handling of antisemitism. We need to stop trying to manage the issue and fix it.

RT @BeccyRyan: “Remainer MPs seeking to block a true Brexit Prime Minister appear to have learned very little from the party’s huge fall in popular support or the membership rebellion that saw an unprecedented no confidence vote called in Theresa May” @BeccyRyan…