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RT @DaveTheBrief: RT @DaveTheBrief: You are seeking to overturn their vote, so it’s understandable.…

RT @muththo: Tourists pay TGST in US$. It’s not resort owners money. They just collect it on behalf of state. And now they are allowed to sell $ in black market and pay TGST in MVR at 15.42. What a brilliant and well thought out policy this is. 🤦🏻‍♂️

RT @OfficialHTSA: 🗣| “It’s OK to talk and it’s important to listen.” Please find contact details for several national and local organisations that provide support for people with mental health problems below. We’ve got your back 👊🏼

RT @AuditorGenScot: "We listen carefully to @scotgov's views...but it’s vitally important to Parliament that our conclusions are independent". My blog ahead of giving evidence to @SP_PAPLS on Scotland Acts progress:

RT @LeilaEttachfini: I thought meeting @israhirsi would help me understand how it’s possible to be this wise and intentional at 16, but I’m even more in awe of her today

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

It’s brewing! @UKLabour Women Connected is tomorrow, and the National @Connected event starts on Sunday. Hope to see you (through a screen) there...

RT @RogersWolfson: Just watched the BBC Disclosure from last night and it’s absolutely outrageous that Jason Leitch was told about the fear among NHS staff and responded “that’s not what I hear when I walk the halls and speak to frontline staff”.

RT @bristolpaul: RT @bristolpaul: It’s me gibbing off about housing again…

RT @bristolpaul: RT @bristolpaul: Can we stay in the EU and leave Eurovision instead? I think it’s the compromise we’ve all been looking for

RT @JoshuaMTerry: RT @JoshuaMTerry: Live in ◽◽? Want to see a guaranteed livable income? Sign @LeahGazan’s petition! It’s fast and easy. #CdnPoli