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RT @FlimsRadar: @MartynDaySNP @ScotParl Thank you again @MartynDaySNP for speaking up on behalf of the #ExcludedUK. It’s great to see so many @theSNP MPs voicing their anger at the lack of any support from the government for three million (10%) of the country’s workforce. #PeopleBeforePolitics

RT @VictoriaARamsey: It’s not acceptable for some children to only be going back to school once or twice a week. We need to open our schools.

First track - “It’s all over now “ - back to bed then!

It’s not only Conservative and Unionist in the name, but in the lived experience. Look at the essential support from @RishiSunak and colleagues!

Behind every heartbreaking story like this is a family suffering. I appreciate the work EE and it’s sister papers are doing to highlight a difficult topic that needs to be examined.

It’s as if JF doesn’t want the system to work!

.⁦@Douglas4Moray MP:⁩ "The dividing line now is this: it’s between the SNP who would take us back to that old sterile debate, and the majority of non-nat Scots who want to move forward, with the whole country focused on the key challenges we face.”…

RT @jamiegreeneUK: RT @jamiegreeneUK: If the SNP were so against curtailing freedom of speech 14 years ago, why do they think it’s acceptable now?

A central bank will not plug the GERS deficit - “Put simply, it’s not possible to run structural deficits of this scale over the long-run (even if you believe that a country’s central bank can simply print money to pay for it…btw, they can’t)”…

RT @billabowman: It’s beyond feeling sorry for Kate Forbes having to follow on from Derek Mackay; he could put on a show of bluster. Kate doesn’t seem to have the heart to defend the indefensible.