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David Duguid is effectively admitting that he hasn’t the first clue of the problems his government’s deal has caused fishers. He put is ON THEM to tell him how to do his job. This is woeful stuff. A man promoted beyond his ability, and proving that every time he opens his mouth

Alas the PM hasn’t agreed to meet with @seatat_thetable to discuss their proposal but I will follow up my Q with a letter. Creating a dedicated Hospitality Minister rests with the PM, & in my view, it is in his Govt’s interest to get things right for this vital sector

RT @sahouraxo: Iran hasn’t attacked a country in over 200 years. The US however has invaded/destabilized: Vietnam Nicaragua El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Grenada Panama Iraq Yugoslavia Afghanistan Libya Syria Ukraine Yemen & others Who’s really the one in need of a behavior correction here?…

Why hasn’t @ScottMorrisonMP joined other democratic conservative leaders around the world and condemned the conduct of Trump in his role in the attack on Capitol Hill?

Nigel Adams (UKMPs) tweeted :

Even Rory hasn’t walked this far ◽◽‍♂️

RT @MsAshleyDavies: People of North Berwick: please please keep an eye out for my beloved Philippe, who hasn’t been seen since yesterday (very uncharacteristic). He has long white legs and a pink nose. We’re so worried. Pls share. Thank you. #northberwick

RT @wesstreeting: No wonder Gavin Williamson didn’t want to make a statement: - He hasn’t told us which schools will be open and which ones will be closed - He hasn’t got a Plan B for exams - He hasn’t guaranteed laptops for all who need them - He won’t commit to staff vaccination programme

The Secretary of state “likes to think” all Grenfell-style cladding has been removed. It hasn’t. He also likes to think that significant progress has been made with the EWS1 process. It hasn’t. It’s time Govt got serious about this! #EndOurCladdingScandal…

RT @davieclegg: > Then there’s the fact the Northern Irish Assembly collapsed on her watch and hasn’t operated for 900 days. > And the deal with the DUP damaged faith with the nationalist community in NI. > More talk of a Unity Poll in Ireland than ever before. Not a massive success, then

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @NicDakin55 :

RT @NicDakin55: This time last year the PM spent every day telling us he had an ‘oven ready deal’ So why hasn’t that deal been delivered? Why are we speculating that his oven ready deal has got burnt in the oven? Have the British people been conned by a charlatan? #JustAsking #BarnardCastle