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MP for Tunbridge Wells. Chair of Science & Technology Select Committee. I don’t respond on Twitter - constituents please contact me through my website.


Sinn Féin MP for the amazing people of Fermanagh Sth Tyrone. Wife/Mummy/Republican/Feminist. Comm1stResponder, Aghaloo Tyrone GAA. I don’t argue with trolls!

RT @GodfreyZihlwele: @Julius_S_Malema Some people think that SA is a banana republic. The majority of SAns don’t want a civil war because we have no where to go and we are peace loving people. Who will benefit from a war against white SAns? Someone will spend time at The Hague. I rest my case

Don’t think you know who could ever be that! - “Aides said Johnson was “firing on all cylinders” and would focus on being a “good news prime minister”.…

They don’t like to be challenged. How dare you!

RT @fincarson: “If I don’t deliver this by 2021, I think it will be time for Fergus Ewing to depart and do something else, and leave the job to somebody else... #SNPFAIL…

RT @EKQuinny02: Can someone explain to me why SNP voters literally don’t care about the fact they put infected elderly patients back into care homes&given “end of life” medicine inside these care homes&then infected the other residents. Many of whom have lost their lives because of incompetence.

Advisers and Politics don’t mix! “A SCOTTISH Government adviser has apologised after labelling unionists as “anti-Scottish” amid facing "attacks” by Conservative MSPs on social media.”…

RT @liamkerrMSP: This is what passes for robust data analysis in SNP Scotland. Is it any wonder so many of their other assertions don’t stand up to scrutiny.

RT @paulhutcheon: RT @paulhutcheon: Many issues at Holyrood don’t cut through, but parents watching their children’s hopes and dreams being shattered certain…

Spoiler alert! We are fixing it so don’t bother how we messed it up - standard SNP procedure when failings exposed. #FreshStart needed