All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ProfTimBale: Today's exam question '"A @BBCRadio4 news reporter covering the #DefendOurDemocracy protests around the country thought it vital to point out that most of the protesters were middle class. This clearly renders those protests less legitimate & convincing by definition." Discuss.'

RT @NewsOrkney: #DefendOurDemocracy #stopthecoup protest in Kirkwall Orkney which at it's height reached almost 100 people including elected representatives of all levels.

RT @UniteNEYH: RT @UniteNEYH: This is definitely one of our favourite placards from today's #DefendOurDemocracy rally in #Leeds.

RT @KathradaFound: RT @KathradaFound: Our statement on #MandelaDay2019 calls on people to #DefendOurDemocracy and confront the state capture fightback. https:…