All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @shaunking: BREAKING: All hands on deck! For months we have been saying #MichaelDean was murdered by Temple police. He was just charged with manslaughter. DA Henry Garza, you have to get this right. It’s murder. 1 (254) 933-5215

RT @CNNnews18: #BREAKING | Chinese Hawala Scam: I-T department finds Luo Sang was bribing Lamas in Delhi. 2-3 lakhs paid to people in Majnu Ka Tila: I-T dept. Money exchanged for information on Dalai Lama: I-T dept. @Ashish_Mehrishi with details. Tune in to the broadcast with @JamwalNews18.

RT @globalnews: #BREAKING: Coronavirus is continuing to spread across the globe, with the number of confirmed cases surpassing 30 million on Thursday.

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RT @SVNewsAlerts: RT @SVNewsAlerts: BREAKING: Massive explosion at an electronics factory [#Dingxin] in #Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, #China…

RT @OzraeliAvi: #BREAKING: I just filed a massive lawsuit in the Supreme Court against Victoria's lock-down police — and I need your help urgently. Please RT far and wide! #StandWithAvi…

RT @HRwritesnews: RT @HRwritesnews: BREAKING: Lord Keen offers resignation over IMB.

RT @Bentonra: “...professor Katy Hayward said. . We face the prospect of the U.K. flagrantly breaking international law and using Northern Ireland’s position as justification for it. This sets a whole new precedent. And it bodes very badly for peace.”…

RT @nickeardleybbc: BREAKING: PM says he has concluded Dominic Cummings followed the instincts of every parent “I do not mark him down for that... he asked responsibly and legally”

RT @loormokum: RT @loormokum: Breaking De #Amstel heeft een trottoir. @020centrum