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RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: @Conservatives the only Party that will deliver on the will of the British people #BBCQT

RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: I'm sure that .@realDonaldTrump is quaking at the thought of a sternly written letter from .@jeremycorbyn #bbcqt

RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: Strong and firm answers from the Prime Minister #BBCQT

RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: .@JamesCleverly is about to get his question answered tonight, this should be fun. Can we have more tweets James? #BBCQT

RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: The community does come together .@jeremycorbyn , they don't need the state to force them to do so #bbcqt

RT @danielrdownes: RT @danielrdownes: Is it me or is .@jeremycorbyn losing his cool and giving an aggressive response to anti semitism #bbcqt

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @nadinebh_ :

RT @nadinebh_: Yesterday, @infiniterosee appeared on #bbcqt & said she doesn't believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite. John Bercow also said this yesterday. Today, Lila has been stalked, had personal information shared online, & been told her family will be tracked down & found for saying it.

RT @PoliticsRocks_: Well said by the young man on #BBCQT @BBC telling @theSNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of pointing the figure elsewhere for #Brexit and pushing for #IndyRef2 - loudest applause in the room!! @JohnSwinney couldn’t even defend their position #EUelections2019

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: .@ChukaUmunna on #bbcqt: There are 1.5m Brits living in EU citizen-owned businesses, 100,000 working in our public serv…

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: .@ChukaUmunna on #bbcqt: The Home Office don't know how many foreign workers they employ. How can they impose on busine…