All deleted tweets from politicians

Ed Davey MP 🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Today's Facebook Live In our EU edition @IrinavonWiese joined me for qus on why MEPs back #LibDems, how we can #StopBrexit, potential A50 extension beyond Oct, and my plan for Govt of National Unity @LibDemMEPs Vote #EdForLeader in #LibDemLeadership…

Please watch my today's reply on Starred Question in Lok Sabha…

Vernon Coaker (UKMPs) tweeted :

It's a total inditement of today's society, with a Government thats public policies push people to Foodbanks. Demand is increasing & I've had request from Arnold Foodbank, if you are able to donate or indeed to any Foodbank, then please do.

🎥 Pleased to contribute in today's Westminster Hall debate on changes to the Tier 5 Religious Worker Visas. This policy has already had a devastating effect on people of faith in Glasgow North, and make clear that the Tories' hostile environment is still alive and well.

Ed Davey 🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Today's FB Live: Great to share my vision for the party, chat with @ChukaUmunna & take your questions. We covered knife crime, tackling causes of Brexit, my solutions for #ClimateEmergency, funding education, & Chuka's take on #LibDem canvassing 😉…

From today's Scottish Affairs Committee in our problem drugs use inquiry. The Government secures all the evidence but it only seems to accepts the evidence it wants to hear.

Don't be distracted by today's BBC celebrity salaries. The real profligacy & inefficiency lies deeper, but it suits the BBC's purposes to disguise it. The overall fact remains: the BBC's income is £5bn+ pa. They should live within their means and retain free TV licences for 75+.

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Somewhere between a quarter and a third of Hong King's population came out for today's protest against Beijing's extradition law. Extraordinary.

Thank you to Colonel Chris Holmes from the @RoyalMarines and his colleagues for supporting today's #HaylingIsland 75th anniversary of D-Day commemoration at the COPP Memorial. It was a pleasure to meet so many veterans and serving Armed Forces personnel @DefenceHQ #DDay75

Due to the number of people who wanted to speak in today's debate, I was only able to speak for a short period of time. I will be writing to the Minister to raise the other concerns with #UniversalCredit which I was unable to mention.