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Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) (Republican People's Party)

RT @gabriel_zucman: We need a new measure of economic growth: People's growth = How income grows on average across people, as opposed to how the average income grows If Jess Bezos walks into a bar, the average income of the patrons shoots up, but people's growth is 0 In the US 👇👇👇

RT @peter_starkings: No10 spokesperson says People's Vote not credible because "it has been rejected in Parliament 3 times." I mean, come on...…

RT @HRCP87: Evictions, the demolition of people's houses, and land grabbing, esp. when such communities are doubly vulnerable, are highly condemnable. HRCP will conduct an independent fact-finding exercise to investigate. #Yazman 2/2

RT @DavidMcLA: RT @DavidMcLA: "Language fairness" is People's Alliance code for anti-bilingualism. #nbpoli…

RT @DavidMcLA: New Brunswick election story so far is the rise of the third parties. People's Alliance and Greens stealing the show. NDP nowhere to be found. Inching towards minority government. #nbvotes

RT @BarnardosScot: Great work by @together_sacr, @CYPCS & @Ross_Greer to make sure this important amendment passed to ensure young people's rights are upheld. Many of our @barnardos services reporting young people being fined for breaching #Covid19 lockdown - this is a significant win. 👏

RT @mcleodd: RT @mcleodd: Ebrahim Patel is having the time of his life. He's a despotic socialist who loves nothing more than micromanaging people's liv…

RT @AndrewBarnes23: RT @AndrewBarnes23: @Mike_Fabricant @fionaunwin @ctr246 @GylesB1 check people's knuckles during election campaigns, if they're not bleeding…

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @Ta_Padrino :

RT @Ta_Padrino: RT @Ta_Padrino: @motsoene_l @GivVi_G @DesNoTutu That Cruz can't be good if it makes you swear at people's rents

RT @ForChange_Now: Britain's broken politics. A man who wants to be our Prime Minister is promising to put thousands of British people's livelihoods at risk because it suits the narrow political interests of his party.…