All deleted tweets from politicians

@MolekoNav @Mandla_ka_Duma One in eight Londoners isn’t British born. How’s that?

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

We’ve told a generation of young people that ‘it gets better’, but that promise isn’t being delivered. Our community, needs to get behind the brilliant organisations like @stonewalluk. In Parliament, our record numbers mean this will not go unchallenged.…

Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions, it’s just another cash grab. And today, the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed Trudeau's Carbon Tax will need to double – adding 22 cents per litre to the price of gas – for Trudeau to reach his Paris targets.

@pullingbacon @NZGreens Kia ora. I always engage where respectful - & often try even when it isn’t. The only thing that gets a block is repetitive abusive, either to me or in my mentions. I don’t recall every situation & it’ll be a small list, but ur unblocked - always happy to engage constructively.

Marja Lubeck (unknown) tweeted :

What the opposition isn’t asking questions about. A ninefold increase in state houses being built now vs 2016.

@guywilliamsguy Instagram isn’t linking...I wanna know if my fave wins (it’s the first one!)…

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions, it’s just a plan to raise taxes.

Richard Leonard isn’t fit to lace John Swinney’s shoes #BBCQT

@Peston @theresa_may If it were Brexit that would be one thing. It isn’t & people know, so frankly the authors of this can p*** off.

Chuka Umunna (Labour) tweeted :

#ChangeUK isn’t standing in the European elections so today we are recommending that in addition to backing effective and hard working community advocates, people vote for candidates whose parties unequivocally back a #PeoplesVote and will campaign to #Remain.