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Vera Tax (unknown) retweeted @EURACTIV :

RT @EURACTIV: 24 EU countries have pledged to work together on improving international #rail routes and want to make them competitive over the 300-800km range. More via @eaTransport.…

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) retweeted @DavidGHFrost :

RT @DavidGHFrost: RT @DavidGHFrost: Here is my statement after the conclusion today of the fourth Round of UK / EU negotiations.

RT @proletarius40: RT @proletarius40: #EU may fall apart due to failed neo-liberal policies – #NoamChomsky to #RT…

RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: The EU would be more effective at tackling tax avoidance by not breaking ranks with America https:…

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @EconBizFin :

RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: Leaving the EU would mean a substantial loss for Britain's economy, says report

RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: A British departure from the EU would be costly for the world's banks

RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: What is the future of the EU? Will it survive or will it flounder? Eurogroup president @J_Dijsselbloem discusses https://t…

RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: Britain has voted to leave the EU. The cover of our Britain edition today:

RT @EconBritain: RT @EconBritain: Tougher controls on EU migration will increase the cost of Brexit to the economy…

RT @EconBritain: RT @EconBritain: If Britain leaves the EU, it will be hard for London to remain Europe's financial centre