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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @NEFife_Greens: RT @NEFife_Greens: For a just Scotland in the heart of Europe, vote Green at the EU election…

Rob Roos (onbekend) retweeted @lbergkamp :

RT @lbergkamp: RT @lbergkamp: @LennertGoemans Daarin staat dat het EU beleid is.

RT @EmmWargon: "Auschwitz, c'est une chose impossible mais qui a eu lieu : une invraisemblable vérité." Joseph Bialot 76 ans après la libération du camp d'#Auschwitz, le travail de mémoire doit continuer sans cesse, pour rappeler cette vérité et l'empêcher à jamais de se reproduire.

RT @Ryan_McCuaig: RT @Ryan_McCuaig: Theresa May is prepared to walk away from EU with no deal. Vote SNP to protect Scotland from economic chaos. #GE17 #Battl…

RT @A_Robertson75: @rosscolquhoun Douglas Ross said he's rather drink a "pint of cold sick" than vote for a deal that gave EU vessels access for two years. The deal gives them 5 years and probably more. Will he drink that pint?…

I love the way at the #EU Press Conference it has to be done in English and when a French reporter asks the Commissioner and tries to ask a question in French, the translation breaks down and he has to repeat the question in English.

RT @StefanoBPGrassi: For a net zero EU, solar energy is key. By 2050 we need three times the solar PV we have today. We need more solar for Europe and more solar from Europe. So, this afternoon, stay tuned for @KadriSimson speech at the European Solar Initiative with @SolarPowerEU and @InnoEnergyEU!

RT @jeroen_lenaers: On request of the @EPPGroup , the EU Parliament Civil Liberties committee will urgently add a debate on serious concerns over the continued persecution of Polish judges and prosecutors

#AstraZeneca verhält sich wie so ein selbstherrlicher Monarch. Treffen mit der #EU wird abgesagt; zu Lieferproblemen nicht fundiert Stellung genommen; Wirksamkeitsprobleme nur pauschal geleugnet. Vertrauen schafft man so nicht als Unternehmen.

Als we een eerlijke economie en gelijk speelveld willen, dan moeten naast Chinese🇨🇳 en andere niet-EU-bedrijven óók grote Europese🇪🇺 bedrijven die actief zijn in risicovolle sectoren zich houden aan sociale normen en milieuregels. 2/3