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Serving South West Wiltshire. Former minister, Serviceman and doctor. One Nation Conservative strongly backing Boris. Retweet doesn’t equal endorsement


Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

RT @RoryStewart2019: RT @RoryStewart2019: Absolutely. So let’s make sure Boris Johnson doesn’t get to the final round ◽…

RT @ConradMBlack: Bibi’s promise at the UN that Israel wouldn’t let Iran be a nuclear power was very encouraging. At least Israel doesn’t have a death wish.…

RT @TheFeministBat: I feel like the only reason Twitter doesn’t have a “sexual harassment” option under Report Tweet is because then they’d have to admit there’s a huge problem on this app, and they couldn’t protect the abusers anymore.

nomfup (italia) retweeted @BenGoldey :

RT @BenGoldey: RT @BenGoldey: Kamala Harris really doesn’t want you to see this video #DemDebate

RT @OfficeKTMP: Bob Sanguinetti is right that maritime can and must be greener. The current Govt plan doesn’t cut it. A Labour Govt will properly invest in a Green Industrial Revolution. We will work with and support the industry to achieve a more sustainable future.…

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: Quote by a Leave voter from Lord Ashcroft's new focus group: “We’ve been sold a package and now it turns out it doesn’t…

RT @qureshik74: I don’t care about any of the problems Imran Khan is facing which he has created for himself, because he clearly doesn’t care about all the problems I’m facing which he has created for me... thanks

RT @AOCarr: Finding the path to security for Australia doesn’t require a big new White Paper, but small groups willing to think differently: - My new post for @ASPI_org

RT @The_FJP: RT @The_FJP: Today’s Papers In which Germany’s Berliner Kurier doesn’t mince words.

RT @DrPAhad: Peace is contagious. It doesn’t matter how many human rights activists you abduct, imprison, torture or murder. The fire has been lit. #ReleaseAliWazirMohsinDawar #ReleasePTMActivists #PTM