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@glasgow_cycling @NextbikeG @nextbikeUK @GlasgowCC @LambhillStables @_OnBikes @RYA_YOUTHCLUB Also Westray Circus in Milton, Wallacewell Primary School, Robroyston Retail Park and Robroyston Railway Station.

@Allyosaurus4 @_OnBikes @StPaulsYF @McdougallE @SustransScot @FMcAveety @unsavourycabal @NiallChristie1 @DennistounCC It's certainly a possible option as part of a future city metro system, though there is no reason why that couldn't also form part of the corridor, and the active travel route designed to be 'tram proof'. The old Caley line could be used as part of a wider 'north circular line'.