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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @thomasknox: This is an actual top policeman in Scotland, dismissing the voting majority of the UK (and about 40% of Scots voters) as “thick, racist muppets”. How does he keep his job? Also, love the tone. “Just get on with being good Europeans”. Like a kind of Fascist euro-matron.…

RT @alkanomega: Brexiteer tory Dan Hannan has, irritatingly for some, got the current state of #Scotland under the #SNP yoke spot on. #socialengineering #numpties…

I can't help feeling that both Scotland and England have dreich dirges as their national anthems. Why not Scotland the Brave and Jerusalem instead? #SCOvENG

RT @ElectionMapsUK: ST ANDREW’S DAY THREAD: Scotland has produced 15 Prime Ministers. 7 British Prime Ministers, 2 Australian, 2 Canadian & 4 New Zealand. This thread will show you who they are... 1/

@JonHSharp @ElectionMapsUK Tories and their allies have won only two majorities in Scotland: 1900 and 1955.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

As Adam Smith observed, Scotland could grow grapes in greenhouses and make wine at 30 times the price of claret. Would anyone do that?…

@IanDuncanMEP Not even the oldest living thing in Scotland, not while Ming Campbell is still around.

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RT @canzuk: RT @canzuk: There's higher support in #Scotland for #CANZUK than in the rest of Great Britain, please read and share our article https://t.…