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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


YES: Scotland should be an independent country!

Launch of the Vote Leave Campaign in Scotland 18th May 2106 : “if we want more powers for the Scottish parliament to create better policies, it’s time to vote leave.” Compare and contrast with this on 14th Feb 2020 from the Bruges Group , staunch Vote Leave campaigners…

RT @EP_Edinburgh: We would like to pay homage to the Members of the European Parliament who were elected to represent #Scotland from 1979 - 2020. Thank you for you service.

RT @AndrewBowie4WAK: RT @AndrewBowie4WAK: 'Scotland deserves better than Nicola Sturgeon's pathetic, childish and humiliating obsession with the EU flag' https:…

RT @stuartgmcintyre: RT @stuartgmcintyre: 16-24 (youth) unemployment in Scotland down 3%-pts in year to July, now at 9.4% from 12.4% last year. Lowest rate of a…

RT @GarethBQuinn: Elmar Brok MEP, Chair of European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs: "Easy negotiations" if Indy Scotland wanted to join EU #ScotRef

RT @GarethBQuinn: European Parliament has just backed #Brexit resolution that recognises majority in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union #ScotRef

RT @VoiceScotland: RT @VoiceScotland: Happy Christmas and New Year from Voice Scotland.

RT @ScotParl: The Referendums (Scotland) Bill has just been approved by MSPs in @ScotParl. 68 members have voted yes, 54 have voted no and 2 have abstained from voting. Find out more about the Bill at…

RT @MiriamBrett: Scotland is about to get a prime minister it didn’t vote for to represent a party it didn’t vote for to deliver a Brexit it didn’t vote for. Democracy is broken in this fractured union.

RT @andydphilip: A lot of understandable anger in Scotland to Boris Johnson's boast on Northern Ireland: "You keep free movement, you keep access to the single market, but you also have unfettered access to the EU." About two-thirds of Scots voters called for something very similar in 2016.