All deleted tweets from politicians



North Devon MP. Formerly on the radio. Sorry I don’t see incoming Tweets & can’t reply here; for all casework & questions please email & I’ll be happy to help.

It has been a great honor and a privilege I’ll treasure for the rest of my life to lead this Elections Team of the ANC. We worked through the days and night and across the country to ensure victory for the ANC. Whenever I’ve been tasked with Elections - it’s always a trill.

RT @Nape_MM: @MbalulaFikile you’ve been identified as a security risk 🚩, I’ll defer your accreditation to the NAHAB Lekgotla…

RT @AthiGeleba: Name a more beautiful organization... I’ll wait #ANC107 #PeoplesManifesto 🖤💚💛

@Mr_Kotsi We started this process in June this year. Fine me any thing that proves we followed I’ll delete this post. Or keep quite.

Used to, now I’m the noise maker spotter. I’ll put your name on top for being tjatjarash Marianne !!

I’ll not working and volunteering for our ANC. KuBlind ntwana.

We don’t even qualify to be called underdogs. What are we - khaniphendule @BafanaBafana, I’ll listen to the Radio.

Good morning Mzansi This morning at Radio 2000 ✊🏽 I’ll be on at 10:00am

This evening, at 19:00 - I’ll be there on your television at V-Entertainment!! Don’t miss it