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Exec. Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and SAMAF. Nothing to do with MQM. RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

RT @mbindwane: Big Debate Show is so bad cause the host is bad. She’s not a TV host. Radio bullies can’t do TV moderating. It doesn’t work. The Big Ndlavini Show is an appropriate name.

@Yandani_YM’s father doesn’t like liars. Ntate Muriti @mmusiMaimane watch this

RT @mbindwane: Zille just opened wounds again and equated her tax boycott calls if DA doesn’t win to Bambatha Battle when white immigrant colonizers forced Africans to pay taxes for their cattle & other livestock - this produced War of Isandlwana.

RT @mbindwane: A leader confronts an issue and doesn’t run away from it, a leader apologizes for any disappointment he causes. A leader undertakes to clarify issues & tell his side of the story. This is leadership. Big suits aside.…

RT @Lesufi: Really? It doesn’t sound right for a Sowetan who was Mayoral Candidate of Jozi and Premier Candidate of GP! Next time it will be Mpumalanga…

RT @mbindwane: I am afraid this Constitutional Court doesn’t know its station. From the very beginning I have warned that the court is excessive & has appropriated to itself far too much power, they legislate from the bench Only parliament could make dagga legal or illegal

The work of the ANC Limpopo Manifesto process doesn’t end now - it continues and must reach all our people. @ANCLimpopo thank you Comrades - AMANDLA !!

No After tears please when I pass on @PearlThusi will make sure it doesn’t happen that thing - Mourn Me - don’t mobilize litations @kayafm95dot9

RT @Chiloane: RT @Chiloane: Guys . Crime doesn’t pay waitsi ◽◽◽◽◽◽

Following you doesn’t permit you to send me things you wouldn’t want your Muruti to know, please Bagaetsho. Seniqalile !!