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Labour MP for Manchester Withington For all enquiries, or if you’d like a reply please email Contact my office on 0161 445 0678

RT @UnitedVoiceECEC: It’s OK to have differences @AndrewLamingMP. We just wish you’d understand the industry more than your one visit to this place. @unionsaustralia #auspol #ozearlyed #BigStepsNOW

🎩train wreck fails to say on @RNBreakfast how much future tax cuts will cost the budget. You’d think 🎩 could defend his budget but nah he just attacks Labor #Auspol #unfairbudget2018 #budgetfail2018

RT @QuentinDempster: If the economic case for another Sydney casino is strong enough to justify alienating public land (Barangaroo) you’d think we’d be able to retain some precinct public housing ... just 400 metres away. @saveoursirius…