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RT @CMonaghanSNP: I raised the issue of MPs and #coronavirus at last week’s PMQs but twice today I was jammed into a voting lobby with hundreds of other MPs. How many of us will now be taking this virus back to our constituencies? I wish Nadine a speedy recovery.

RT @KieranReape: RT @KieranReape: Prime Minister and Tories not liking @IanBlackfordMP asking about the Tory's dark money one bit. #PMQs

RT @KieranReape: At #PMQs @IanBlackfordMP asks the PM why she's robbing Scots over Brexit, her response? Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Here's a reminder of what Better Together told Scotland.

RT @KieranReape: All I'm getting from this is that the PM already has a scripted answer to @IanBlackfordMP at PMQs regardless of the question he asks...…

RT @KieranReape: So we had 5 @theSNP #PMQs on the order paper and two from @IanBlackfordMP as the Leader of the Third Party and every response from the Prime Minister was either 'I don't know', 'Not my responsibility' or 'Scotland shouldn't be independent'. Not much has changed!

RT @KieranReape: At #PMQs @KirstySNP says to Deputy PM that the Scottish Gov will always safeguard our NHS, asks if the UK Gov will do the same given Trump said the NHS was on the table in any future UK-US trade deals. Deputy PM's response? Scottish Tories are the true voice of Scotland.

RT @KieranReape: At #PMQs @IanBlackfordMP calls Boris Johnson dishonest racist and asks Theresa May if he would be fit to be the next PM. May's response? ANY Tory Prime Minister is the best Prime Minister for Scotand.

RT @KieranReape: Tune into the House of Commons at noon today for #PMQs. We have 5 @theSNP MPs on the Order Paper today to ask the Prime Minister a question from @ChrisStephens @GradySNP @KirstySNP @NeilGrayMP @JohnMcNallyMP as well as the usual @IanBlackfordMP

RT @KieranReape: We kick off at 1130am in House of Commons with Scotland Questions before Theresa May's last PMQs. Will this be Mundell's last Scotland Questions? @theSNP have @TommySheppard @JohnMcNallyMP @alisonthewliss @StewartHosieSNP @GradySNP @DougChapmanSNP to be called to ask questions.

RT @OfficialAnasSCO: RT @OfficialAnasSCO: Key issue raised by the Glasgow Central MP. And @alisonthewliss + co not "whinging" either, PM. #PMQs…