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RT @olafdoesstuff: 🔥 @IanBlackford_MP had Boris Johnson on the ropes in #PMQs, who had absolutely no idea how low the UK's statutory sick pay is relative to other countries. So, a reminder: 🇩🇪 £287 🇦🇹 £287 🇮🇪 £266 🇸🇪 £230 🇳🇱 £201 🇬🇧 £94.25

RT @tpgcolson: SNP leader @IanBlackfordMP tells PMQs Boris Johnson is "racist" and receives a rapping from Bercow. Blackford responds: "[Johnson] has called Muslim women "letterboxes," and described black people as having "watermelon smiles"..."

RT @KieranReape: RT @KieranReape: Dead as a dodo is how @IanBlackfordMP described May's Chequers plan, saying its more unpopular than the Poll Tax. #PMQs

RT @KieranReape: Next SNP Question at #PMQs @DeidreBrock asks the Prime Minister about Cambridge Analytica visiting Downing Street in 2016. PM doesn't have an answer to why the meeting took place or even what it was about.

RT @KieranReape: At #PMQs @IanBlackfordMP says to the Prime Minister that even her own backbenches don't even support her deal. PM says a vote for the Tories tomorrow will stop anymore referendums... despite offering MPs a chance to vote on... another referendum.

RT @KieranReape: Tune into the House of Commons at noon today for #PMQs. We have 5 @theSNP MPs on the Order Paper today to ask the Prime Minister a question from @ChrisStephens @GradySNP @KirstySNP @NeilGrayMP @JohnMcNallyMP as well as the usual @IanBlackfordMP

RT @Mattph82: Incredible from the PM at #PMQs. @IanBlackfordMP points out that mobile banking vans have no disability access. In replacing bank branches with these vans, RBS could be breaching UK Equality law. Will she hold RBS to account on this? PM responds by talking about Trade figures!

RT @Mattph82: At #PMQs @IanBlackfordMP raises the issue of a constituent who attempted to open bank accounts in one of the #RBS branches at risk of closure & was told to use another branch. This despite RBS saying that decisions on closures will be based on no. of customers using each branch.

RT @Mattph82: @IanBlackfordMP has just achieved a possible first at #PMQs and extracted a direct answer from the PM. Asked what the links are between the Conservatives and #CambridgeAnalytics, the PM says that to the best of her knowledge no current contracts with CA or its parent company

RT @Mattph_82: RT @Mattph_82: .@IanBlackfordMP "Prime Minister, you are bringing the UK economy to its knees." #PMQs