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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


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Re apprenticeships post Brexit, it seems a lot relies on the shared prosperity fund, and the hope that UK government will continue with financial support. If they don't do this, it's likely many apprenticeships would have to be reduced.

@Glywysing Like he has a moral authority to tell people what to do? ICorbyn isn't clear Brexit by any means. But Blair lost any respect he ever had the minute he entered in to that war. That is his legacy.

First Minister says investment decisions being delayed due to business uncertainty emanating from this the case? I met a big business last week who want to come to Wales but told me that they were encouraged to focus on London. What are Welsh Govt doing pro actively?

Despite Alun Cairns' disdain for the role of Welsh Government in the Brexit negotiations, the First Minister doesn't see it appropriate to have a vote of no confidence in the Secretary of State for Wales.

First Minister says he goes direct to the Prime Minister to discuss Brexit. He cc's the Welsh office in and doesn't think they have much influence anyway. Scrap it??

My moments of the week. Some comments on Brexit, the film industry in Wales, and the campaign to get the Cystic Fibrosis drug Orkambi on the Welsh NHS.

Uchafbwyntiau'r wythnos. Gan gynnwys Brexit, son am ymgyrch Cystic Firbrosis, a datganoli darlledu.

@LeightonAndrews @UKLabour @TheGreenParty Green? In Wales where they have a really low base? And Plaid has the same policy on Brexit?!!

@simonreeswales @LeanneWood @Plaid_Cymru People are unhappy with UK Government over Brexit. Where is the abolish Parliament party then? You may do well to see how we were treated when we did not have a National Assembly for Wales.