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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


MEP/Vice-President S&D Group for Foreign Affairs, EP #Brexit rapporteur

RT @TomJHarper: STORY: Russia may have had an impact on the result of the Brexit referendum, according to secret intelligence report suppressed by No 10. Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry: “What is Boris Johnson trying to hide from the British public, and why?”…

RT @MhairiGoogling: RT @MhairiGoogling: how to tell the difference between tory and labour brexit policies

RT @IncompetentMay: Lots of Leavers saying the “doomsday Brexit” story must be wrong because all non-EU countries are fine. Most of those countries are in regional trade blocks, all have international agreements in place, and none of them are cancelling all these agreements with no back-up plan.

RT @C4Ciaran: RT @C4Ciaran: The bit where one of our top Brexit negotiators says he didn't know what he was supposed to be negotiating…

RT @C4Ciaran: Brexit Secretary arguing for delaying Brexit. Then voting against it. Then being the guy who will have to negotiate it. Not even peak Brexit.…

RT @NiaCaerphilly: .@LSRPlaid asks Teresa May if the Brexit deal will be discussed with the devolved nations. PM says that MPs will receive information. That's a no then.

RT @oggybloggyogwr: RT @oggybloggyogwr: The full write-up of yesterday's #PeoplesVote debate in the #Senedd #Wales #Brexit

RT @oggybloggyogwr: Summary of yesterday's debate and repeal of the Continuity Act #Wales #Brexit #continuitybill

RT @FflurGwen: Welsh Labour is currently arguing AGAINST giving Wales a veto on any future Brexit trade deals that would lead to NHS privatisation. ... Seriously.

RT @OliverKamm: RT @OliverKamm: This is an extraordinary indication of where the Brexit fiasco has led the Conservative Party.…