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Paisley's MSP & member of SNP. Married to Stacey, Dad to Jessica & James, Papa to the adorable Daisy and JJ! Proud Paisley Buddie add St Mirren FC & that's me!

RT @lisa_trandy: RT @lisa_trandy: when you're forced to resign because dom did a crime that's a-moray

I genuinely thought you must be paraphrasing @HumzaYousaf That's just jaw dropping.

The only thing that the UK Government 'respects' is an SNP majority. That's what delivered the referendum last time. This time we may just secure an SNP electoral majority on the back of a majority of the vote. Nothing stops us then. But it is all up to us.

RT @SieveMeister: The recipe is for an ENORMOUS batch - each portion is pretty small, but it's what it represents that's important. Way to go journos and Tories for trying to ruin something so pure and full of love. I'm sorry for yoyr experience @MareeToddMSP - keep doing what you're doing ❤…

RT @G3VAB: @MareeToddMSP @patronsaintofca That's ALMOST as good as where you get beautiful organic milk dispensed from a machine at the touch of a contactless card...

RT @FelicityHannah: RT @FelicityHannah: Daily Mail has printed 4 photographs of the poor man whose faulty fridge may have started the fire. So that's his life…

RT @jjmitchell: @magnusllewellin That's very misleading. I recommend reading the @FacultyScot paper, at…; "Faculty wishes to make it clear that it is not opposed to the principles behind the Bill". Clearly the Bill needs work in @SP_Justice, which is an opposition-majority Parl committee.

RT @Indyref25: RT @Indyref25: @GillianMSP Well that's made my night. And you are of course 100 percent correct. #IndependenceNOW #independenceisnormal

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: .@alisonthewliss: If you're tickling a child and they say stop, stop. That's consent, and we should teach this from a youn…

RT @paulwill10124: RT @paulwill10124: @ChristinaSNP @theSNP @JeaneF1MSP That's how it should be! Tories take note!!!