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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: Contrary to Vote Leave's promises, the UK could leave the EU without getting a trade deal #LeaveWatchโ€ฆ

RT @JamesMelville: RT @JamesMelville: Lead EU Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt on Scotland: "If they want to stay in the EU, they can stay in the EU." httpsโ€ฆ

RT @Bentonra: 269 UK financial services firms have relocated part of their business, staff, or legal entities to the EU, with Dublin emerging as โ€œthe clear winnerโ€, as preferred destination, accounting for 100 of these or 30 per cent of the total โ€œ #Brexodus hits Londonโ€ฆ

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: The idea of UK prime minister using votes in parliament endorsing โ€˜solutionsโ€™ EU (and UK) long ago ruled out to send โ€˜a messageโ€™ to Brussels is both ridiculous and shows how HMG is still arguing w/itself. TWO MONTHS BEFORE BREXIT.โ€ฆ

RT @simoncoveney: Worth noting in the context of understanding why Ireland will not be following the UK out of the EU - support for the EU stronger than ever in Ireland, for good reason!

RT @Bentonra: RT @Bentonra: EU youth orchestra to quit UK for Italy over Brexitโ€ฆ

RT @FrankFeighan: RT @FrankFeighan: That's not going to happen.Ireland are committed members of EU!!โ€ฆ