All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @andylassner: RT @andylassner: My wife and kids aren’t on twitter and they barely watch the news, which explains why they’re happy and outraged about abs…

RT @TimHarford: RT @TimHarford: Mathematicians Measure Infinities and Find They’re Equal… via @QuantaMagazine

RT @fahdhumayun: Landed at JFK and two grating reminders of home. 1) Free Balochistan yellow cabs at Arrivals (yep they’re real); 2) Uber driver from Brooklyn asking if Zainab’s killer has been apprehended.

RT @Imamofpeace: Pakistan didn’t protest like this against Osama bin Laden, but they’re protesting against Asia Bibi, a poor Pakistani Christian lady who drank water from the same cup as Muslims. They want her hanged immediately for “blasphemy”.

RT @RayhanTweets: A lately viral video from Larkana, Sindh. Kids were caught, blamed for stealing pigeons. They’re punished by a local. where is candle mafia; where is human rights champion.. oh! wait.. it’s not KPK

RT @_Mansoor_Ali: 110 days of this new government and they’re talking about changing the Finance Minister - Speaks volumes about their planning and teamwork. Shabash Kaptaan 👍🏽

RT @sajid764: @IM_Bukhari1 Sorry Bhai yeh Pakistani nahi han they’re local Malays jo Malaysian political party leader Anwar Ibrahim ko welcome ker rahy hain I live here in Malaysia 🇲🇾

RT @Ibishblog: RT @Ibishblog: Of course! That’s ALL they’re for.…

RT @abidifactor: RT @abidifactor: @TahirSiddiqui11 @humayuntex They’re now circulating the tweet in Whatsapp groups asking everyone available to vote for PT…

RT @GulBukhari: After the occupation, they’re now wondering how to run it. Any similarities with anything else at all are purely coincidental.