All deleted tweets from politicians

Geordin Hill-Lewis (DA) tweeted :

@_cosatu has not even spoken to the PIC! Although the bank robber never tells the bank in advance that they’re about to be robbed.

Brave call by the PSA and I’m sure they’re going to have no problem by leading the way and forfeiting public servants pay increases for 3 years.

RT @Imamofpeace: I don’t tweet to seek your approval. I speak because I seek justice. Justice for the oppressed, even if they’re against me. Hundreds unfollow/follow me a day. My position never changes. Extremism of all types must be condemned.

RT @TMbuzi: They’re behaving like this because leadership has long left the ANC. Everybody does what they want. Their leaders ought to be called what they are, their misleaders.…

James Robert Lorimer (DA) tweeted :

Standard ANC election tactic - as voting approaches, divide people by race. This time they’re desperate, hence the almost hysterical intensity. Time for all South Africans to reject the race-mongers. We ARE better together.

The ANC are very slow learners! 25 years later and they’re still on the learning curve!

RT @ZABulletin: RT @ZABulletin: Tshwane’s DA mayor tells former ANC majority they’re ‘heading to jail’ |

@Gonondo_Jobe But what are the coconuts? They’re not only really delicious, but versatile.

RT @anonymousnthabi: RT @anonymousnthabi: ◽◽◽◽◽ akere they’re no longer servicing that bond pha eBank of Baroda … Kubi!…

RT @lesterkk: So these two clowns who work for @KFMza thought they could shame a Minister. They’re the sad indictment that maybe our education system did fail some. They’re Rude, wRong, and aRrogant. For the record, the 3 R’s: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.