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RT @DavidWilletts3: Defence Committee on the rampage because Statute of Limitations has suffered “blanket rejection” by NIO. They’re not budging on this. @CommonsDefence @NIOgov #Lawfare #Veterans…

RT @UKLabour: “Labour is the party that has the NHS's values at its heart.” These actors from Call The Midwife explain why they’re voting Labour on Thursday.

RT @bluecollartory_: “They’re the only ones in touch with the working man” Boris Johnson’s Conservative candidate for Derby South @Edthejazzman is winning the support of working people who used to vote Labour but can’t stand Corbyn and want to get Brexit done #BlueCollarCanvass 🙌

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Spot on. Labour Sefton council only use Southport residents for the council tax! They’re not interested in how we want it to be spent.

RT @TonyBarrett: 1/4 Had a meeting earlier with @ByrneLan at the constituency office of @DanCardenMP and they’re currently hosting an exhibition of art by Syrian refugee kids. To say the paintings are thought provoking wouldn’t come close to doing them justice.

Ed Davey MP 🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Tory promises on env: not worth the unrecycled paper they’re written on @theCCCuk report reveals total govt ineptitude & greenwashing: only action of 25 for 2018 delivered was carbon tax on power station emissions This is NOT tackling #ClimateEmergency…

RT @haveigotnews: RT @haveigotnews: After The Brexit Party says Britain must tighten its borders, experts suggest we do it now while they’re all in Strasbour…

RT @LeahFranchetti: Just occurred to me that if your child is in 3rd year or below at a Scottish state school they’re likely to have suffered from cuts to their education budget for EVERY YEAR they’ve been in education. How long are parents willing to put up with this?

Ed Davey🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Don’t let violence & bullying win They’re not representative; NO place for intimidation in UK politics For each thug on streets there’s thousands of good folks horrified by what Brexit’s stoking of extremists unleashed Stop #EverydayFascism #StopBrexit…

@jessphillips @ToniaAntoniazzi They’re clearly hanging out somewhere having a dance and a good laugh and our mad lives!