All deleted tweets from politicians

It would be helpful, for the sake of transparency and at least the appearance of fairness, if the Labour Party’s opaque procedures committee for this election didn’t just make the rules up as they go along.

Angela Smith (Labour) tweeted :

A Lab campaign manager’s view on his party’s chances in Altrincham & Sale West: "Meanwhile in seats we are never going to win like Altrincham I see 200 people out. It’s incredibly frustrating and disheartening. ://

This is important. @friends_earth have looked at each of the main party’s manifestos and concluded that Labour has the strongest offer when it comes to nature and climate. If you want radical action to prevent climate and ecological breakdown then #VoteLabourDecember12

Farage hoping to enlist help of Trump as he launches the Brexit Party’s ‘contract with the British public’ aka #FaustianPact

3. Meanwhile @joswinson came unstuck faster than one of her party’s dodgy bar charts. As for their ‘revoke’ brexit policy. I bet a fair few Lib Dems are this morning are having second thoughts about that policy.

.@joswinson how about some straight-up honesty re your party’s bar charts? Pls don’t take the electorate for mugs. You do all of politics a disservice with this distant approximation of a vague half-truth. I’ll let others put that into a snappier shorthand...

Clive Lewis (Labour) tweeted :

The fate of @DerbyChrisW & Toby Young demonstrates that with both party’s neck & neck and in for the parliamentary long-haul, a western-front political ‘war of attrition’ will see each side picking off those around their 2 respective generals. These wont be the last scalps

Ed Miliband (Labour) tweeted :

When firms are closing & 1m young people are out of work, Cameron spending his time on his party’s problems rather than those facing country