All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Bill_Esterson: RT @Bill_Esterson: This isn’t going away. The Cummings emails keep coming.

RT @TheIndGroup: .@heidiallen75 tells #PoliticsLive the Prime Minister isn’t making any headway on #Brexit - it’s time to ask the British people. @BBCPolitics #ChangePolitics

RT @ForChange_Now: “Will Brexit solve our economic problems? No, it will exacerbate them. Having an option for a People’s Vote isn’t good enough. We have to have a People’s Vote because you cannot end austerity and leave the European Union”, says our @ChukaUmunna #Remain

RT @TheIndGroup: “Democracy isn’t indefinitely owned by the people who voted that day in the referendum. It’s not owned by the government, the Conservative party, or the Prime Minister. Our country’s future is owned by the people” says @heidiallen75.

Ian Austin (Labour) replied to @DavidHirsh :

@DavidHirsh He isn’t though. He still looks terrible - even after they made him buy that dark blue suit

RT @mtd89: RT @mtd89: No wonder this disgusting rag isn’t making money anymore...what a load of rubbish…

RT @pureisheragain: RT @pureisheragain: @chefs53 @robmcd85 @LiamByrneMP I run 6 Foodbanks. That isn’t fake news.

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Child poverty to rise and this is what you proclaim. Shame, shame, shame. This isn’t a game, it’s about the lives of millions of people.

RT @JamieJBartlett: Thankfully policy isn’t changing in response to people shouting opinions on Twitter, but in response to new data & better understanding. I wouldn’t call that a u-turn. We all want government to be ready to shift gears / change directions whenever required!

RT @MFidlerJones: May, Johnson, Rees Mogg have changed their minds. MPs have been asked to vote TWICE. Isn’t it the case that the only people not allowed to change their minds are THE PEOPLE who’s will we are supposed to be enacting? Time for a @peoplesvote_uk…