All deleted tweets from politicians

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @Nigel_Farage :

RT @Nigel_Farage: Heard some say that Brexit MEPs were “disrespectful” today. I’ll tell you what is disrespectful — taking the ancient nation states of Europe and turning it into one country with its own anthem and flag, without ever asking for permission!

RT @RealAdamRose: RT @RealAdamRose: if anyone needs me, i’ll be watching this on repeat all day.

RT @RCorbettMEP: The idea that you have to threaten “no-deal” to get a good deal is tantamount to saying “give me what I want or I’ll shoot myself in the head” #MarrShow #marr #Brexit…

RT @dvddnh: @DarraghOBrienTD @lukeming Are you kidding? He’s a very active MEP. I’ll presume you’re being facetious, because if not… that’s very worrying.

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @AwardsDarwin :

RT @AwardsDarwin: RT @AwardsDarwin: I’ll just shoot this fridge full of explosives, what could go wrong?

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

Join me live on LBC from 10am, this morning I’ll be joined by Esther McVey.

Vytenis Andriukaitis (EU) tweeted :

Dear @MimicaEU you will be greatly missed here in Vilnius today. So sorry you got stuck in Frankfurt instead. I’ll have you to reply for both 😉🇪🇺 📽Live webstreaming starting soon via my FB page.

RT @timothy_stanley: RT @timothy_stanley: Me: can I book a GP? Her: Next free slot is late November Me: I’ll be dead by then! Her: if it’s emergency, I can offe…

RT @campaignforleo: Just arrived in Munich, en route to the @csu_bt conference in Kloster Seeon, Bavaria, where I’ll be speaking later about the importance of European solidarity. Bumped into @ManfredWeber after we landed.