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RT @WesOgo: RT @WesOgo: I love Corbyn's head on Sir Ian McKellen. #VoteCorbyn for a fairer Britain.…

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

LABOUR: 'Corbyn's lost control of the Labour Party, hasn't he?' George speaks to broadcaster Patrick Christys about Labour's political position. #BREXIT #MOATS: @ggmoats | @RT_com | @RTUKnews | @SputnikInt | @PatrickChristys

RT @zei_nabq: Jo Maugham, no ally of Corbyn's, has come out with a shocking statement regarding systematic anti-Corbyn bias in the BBC, which he has heard firsthand from a senior BBC exec how do alt-centrist react? By claiming he was hacked! amazing

RT @David__Osland: If only the Labour right were as determined to end austerity and inequality as they are to end Corbyn's leadership, we'd all be in a lot better place

RT @adamgarriereal: @bobjustice10 @jeremycorbyn @georgegalloway @Satiresocialist So people are allowed to care about Jeremy Corbyn's past but he's not allowed to mock the past of the man whose nose knows best?

RT @DailyMailUK: RT @DailyMailUK: Corbyn's son Tommy opens a cannabis products shop called the National HEMP Service

RT @RT_sputnik: Jackie Walker's expulsion from Corbyn's #LabourParty may go down as one of the most unbelievable episodes. She's been, despite being Jewish and black, called a racist and anti-Semite. And women in the #RussianRevolution, turns out, played an extraordinarily important role!

RT @CraeNiall: @Coburn4Brexit Any second ref should be boycotted, regardless of options. But Corbyn's fraudulent choice would seal the deal for an organised nationwide boycott.

RT @bobjustice10: @EvanCull @georgegalloway @jonstern100 More tea vicar? Unfortunately PLP is a lumpen mass of nothingness, & Corbyn's presumably in charge of it😳😯😕. Lets remember. Israeli 'campaigners' have waged a war to keep #Neoliberalism cntr stage. That's a war against OUR vulnerable. Thornberry is meant to be a voice for chg

RT @KennardMatt: RT @KennardMatt: Reminder: 9 months into Corbyn's leadership (and days before coup started) Labour was neck and neck with Tories. https://t…