All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Ali_Taghva: It’s incredibly disappointing that the Liberal Party’s national campaign involves someone who was involved in the SNC-Laval…

RT @ByDonkeys: The Brexit Party has refused to publish a manifesto, so we’re assuming their leaders’ past statements are the party’s polici…

RT @SimonNRicketts: Another day inside the Labour party’s ‘rapid reaction force’.

Great to share the Conservative Party’s positive vision for creating prosperity and opportunity for everyone on Canada One TV this past weekend. Grateful for the support of many friends in the Pakistani Canadian community.

RT @TheToniHeath: That first sentence - "The Green party has announced an inquiry into how the father of a candidate for the party’s deputy…

Joining the @Conservative you agree to share the Party’s objects & values, ensure that you haven’t & don’t engage in conduct which brings the Party or an association into disrepute. These are applied to all applications whether from someone famous, infamous, or unknown.

Nicola Sturgeon is struggling to defend her party’s record on education in #FMQs. With so many problems with our schools why is the SNP’s priority #indyref2?

"The [Liberal] Party’s annual convention in Halifax voted against a resolution to make 'Canadian oil and gas independence' an official policy."… #ableg #UCP #cdnpoli #CPC

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