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Ekurhuleni COVID-19 Food Bank:


MSP for Aberdeenshire East. Covid advice: Email:

👏 Fab that we have exceeded 200 000 Covid-19 tests a day! If you have: ✅A new, persistent cough ✅A high temperature ✅A loss/change of your sense of smell or taste 👉You can get a test here:… #StayAlert

RT @RuthDavidsonMSP: Scotland currently has the capacity to carry out 15,500 COVID tests per day. Yesterday only 2,729 were conducted (42% down on last week and a new low). If we are to successfully test, trace and isolate, we simply must do more tests.…

The threat of climate change hasn’t disappeared. We need a clean & resilient economic recovery from Covid. The UK, as President of #COP26 now rescheduled for November 2021, can lead the way.

Dan Albas (Conservative) tweeted :

The speaker just conformed there is no provision for "emergency debates" in the special COVID committee. This is yet another loss to Canadian democracy because of the NDP/Liberal deal to keep regular Parliament sidelined.

Many constituents have written to me about the rules for COVID-19 self isolation. This is the NHS guidance if you or a member of your family displays symptoms of the coronavirus…

"Federal deficit likely now at $260 billion due to COVID-19, PBO says"…

RT @Kusznir_M: 53% in You Gov poll for The Times say separation LESS IMPORTANT following #COVIDー19 pandemic. No wonder when we see the strength of our United Kingdom responding to the biggest crisis of my lifetime! #indyref

RT @mancunianmedic: HERESY WARNING Re Care Home Covid Deaths Once a particular narrative, framing, received wisdom takes hold in media/public consciousness it is hard to shift or challenge and ands up looking heretical or uncaring but I *do* think this issue needs a slight re-balancing

RT @CommonsDCMS: In our session today on the impact of COVID-19 on tourism, Samantha Richardson from the @nctacademy told us that coastal communities in the UK are heading for £7.9bn in losses, and that 7% of businesses on the coast have closed permanently. Watch live:…

Authoritative insights on vitamin D deficiency and COVID - 19 from Dr JoAnn Manson professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital.…