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RT @NeilBibby: Too many Scots are underemployed & today’s stats show Scotland’s employment rate still trails the UK by 1.5%. The tax base must grow to provide more for public services. Scotland needs a proper economic strategy to create quality jobs, raise living standards & increase revenues.

Good read in today’s @ForbesAdvocate. “Construction of the Parkes to Narromine section of the Inland Rail is set to open mid-year and as plans for our section of the project ramp up, the message from Parkes businesses is to embrace it”. Delivered by the Nationals. #RegionsMatter

RT @karlmsteel: @georgegalloway Agreed, only today’s rag tag collection of parliamentarians could turn a 1 off Saturday in work akin to storming the beaches of Normandy and then have the brass neck to want compensation.

RT @ArticulateDinos: Well said @ElizabethMay Clarity. For further clarity see today’s @washingtonpost Opinion Piece by @WordsandGuitar Alicia Elliot Considered historically, Canada & BC have inflicted a gaping Constitutional wound, perpetuating the State’s Colonial legacy @LeahGazan @RussDiabo

RT @weststandlaw: @cwmammanunited Today’s Press courtesy of @SWGuardian Date for calendar Sunday 15/07/2018 at 12 O’clock “Officially naming Cwmamman United’s New Stand “The Paul’s Pledge Stand” @KevJohnscymru @kjonesjones @JonathanPlaid @LeeTrundle10 @Britts_7 @robbo9rovers @RhysFisher3

RT @AWP_BANBURY: How completely wonderful to see this in today’s dailyexpresslifestyle makes me proud to be a trustee of banbury museum - thank you dailyexpresslifestyle for featuring us. Come and see the museum in person #Banbury……

RT @BenPBradshaw: .@sajidjavid admits to me that today’s #cycling announcement will fund a paltry 250 miles of new cycle routes for the whole country. @AndyBurnhamGM is building 1,800 miles in Manchester alone. @WeAreCyclingUK @ExeterCycling @citycyclists

RT @OfficeKTMP: RT @OfficeKTMP: Our thoughts are with the victims and families of today’s terrorist attack in Egypt

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Azad Kashmir was today’s discussion agenda leading to our heated exchange with BJP representatives and Indian journalists in a meeting at Capital Building of the state of IOWA hosted by US senators and house representatives. @ACYPL