All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @HashtagGriswold: RT @HashtagGriswold: Brooklyn hipsters aren't vaccinating their dogs because they think it'll give them dog autism, which does not exist ht…

RT @jasonmackenzie: RT @jasonmackenzie: If all sessions at #CPC16 @ConferenceCP are as good as this with clear-minded, resolute & articulate @LiamFoxMP it'll b…

It's not as though I'm Shadow Minister for Birds or anything though, so I'm sure it'll be just fine.

Instead it'll be Senna. So excited to be finally watching it.

Siri: speaking directly into a telephone to achieve ones' task; it'll never catch on.

It's not pretty, this fight in the Labour Party, but it's been coming for a while. It'll be okay.

Quite a bit of complexity around gender pay audits. I hope those proposing are well versed in it. Or it'll fall apart by the end of the day.

@Labourpaul @dylsharpe Depends on where you're departing from, but take the M1 and it'll be me, then @leicesterliz.

You come to Bedfordshire? You think you can beat our cakes? Bring it. One more year and it'll be three in a row. ◽#GBBO

RT @A_Strong_Canada: RT @A_Strong_Canada: Obhrai: CPC isnt a tent, it's a boat! A boat I should totally be captain of. It'll be awesome. #cpcldr #cpc #CPC17 ht…