All deleted tweets from politicians

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

The depressing thing is not Donald Tusk’s infantile comment. It’s that there are British people who are warped enough to respond like this.

RT @ladyhaja: my drug of choice is @BethRigby interrupting Boris Johnson to read him Donald Tusk’s statement & then telling him to his face that he is deluded

RT @Michael_Heaver: ‘@andreajenkyns tells Westmonster: “Donald Tusk’s comments illustrate what Brexiteers have been saying from the very beginning: that the EU is afraid of the UK leaving without a deal.”…

RT @piersmorgan: They’re now openly mocking us. Britain needs a leader strong enough to take Donald Tusk’s cake & shove it in his smug face - then tell him to shove any deal up his patronising a**e. Churchill & Thatcher would never have put up with this.