All deleted tweets from politicians

Neven Mimica (EU) tweeted :

Announced today 2 cooperation agreements with #Jamaica worth €20M. The #EU will support the Government’s vision to build up climate change resilience & protect forest resources and will also help improve public governance, transparency, accountability & public service delivery🇯🇲

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

You can’t argue with Mogg’s amendments. They are in line with the government’s stated position. So no Irish backstop, and a reciprocal customs deal.

The wages squeeze is largely due to Brexit. People must now have their say on Theresa May & her government’s version of Brexit. Becoming poorer wasn’t on the referendum ballot paper…

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

Here's what your #Food and #drink could under the various #Brexit scenarios (based on government’s own figures that they didn’t want to publish):…

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

The #Civil Servant who was actually head of this #Brexit government’s newly created Dept for international trade, reveals that there is, in fact, no prospect of fulfilling the #brexiter promises of getting #TradeDeals that would compensate for our European losses…

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

My statement on behalf of @EuroLabour on #MaySpeech and its failure to address government’s #brexitshambles :…

Keith Taylor MEP (EU) tweeted :

The Government’s air quality ‘plan’ isn’t a plan at all – it’s an abdication of responsibility - @MollyMEP for @leftfootfwd

Theresa Griffin MEP (EU) tweeted :

The Tory Government’s record on education is one of consistent failure at every stage of a young person’s education #EducationNotSegregation…

Theresa Griffin MEP (EU) tweeted :

Starmer hits out at Government’s Brexit “contempt” for workers’ rights… via @labourlist