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Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

RT @qureshik74: I don’t care about any of the problems Imran Khan is facing which he has created for himself, because he clearly doesn’t care about all the problems I’m facing which he has created for me... thanks

RT @DrPAhad: Peace is contagious. It doesn’t matter how many human rights activists you abduct, imprison, torture or murder. The fire has been lit. #ReleaseAliWazirMohsinDawar #ReleasePTMActivists #PTM

Marvi Memon (pakistan) tweeted :

It doesn’t come easy or for free or without hardwork to reach this stage. The disparity between those fighting for their survivals n those have made it to this level. It’s about choosing right leadership who doesn’t enslave minds, doesn’t falter at first challenge but leads by eg

RT @titojourno: “Para 66 is the opinion of one judge, and doesn’t form part of the court’s order as neither of the other two judges concurred with it... Knowing full well that Para 66 is inoperative, using it as a tool to beat up the judge and the judiciary smacks of mala-fide intent”…

RT @MirHabibBaloch3: @Senator_Baloch @sakhtarmengal It doesn’t matter what @jam_kamal tweets. He will get the same response that @sakhtarmengal lives in heart of masses. No one can defame him by using cheap tactics. Jam Kamal and his stooges will receive a slap on their face each time they talk about Akhtar Jan

RT @DrPAhad: If war itself doesn’t kill Afghans, mental illness will. I’ve personally observed psychophysiological improvements with Afghan women who have embraced clean eating, exercise & daily meditation. It’s time we now create a nationwide awareness campaign.…

@geonews_urdu Why doesn’t the Ba-salahiyat Government somehow complete the dealing with corruption BRT in Peshawar?

RT @UmairChadhar1: This govt doesn’t know that the cheap tactics of blackmailing won’t let Maryam Nawaz stagger from her boldness... She has been an incarnation of gallant, chivalry n valour despite of all the malicious campaigns against her... #PoliticallyVictimizedMaryam

RT @HudsonEvents: RT @HudsonEvents: Rec(8/10): If Pak doesn’t end support to AfgTaliban & HaqqaniNet, designate as State Sponsor of Terrorism. - @LisaCurtisH…

RT @husainhaqqani: My latest on the Pakistani origins of Pakistan’s jihad problem & how blaming U.S. and anti-Soviet war doesn’t help in ending it.…