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National Spokesperson @INCIndia. AICC Incharge: Bihar & Delhi. Former Leader of opposition & Former Minister, Gujarat


Lawyer. Social Activist. BJP National Spokesperson. Member of Parliament, New Delhi LS Constituency. Chairperson,Standing Committee on Public Sector Enterprise

RT @NarangVipin: I wonder what President Trump and the US delegation—in Delhi today—are thinking when they wake up to the headlines today in India, as this scene is only miles from their hotel (front page of ⁦@ndtv⁩ right now). Sharp contrast to 125,000 adulating Gujaratis yesterday.

RT @ShaheenBagh_: 🆘 : 1AM : #Mustafabad Delhi Police and Mobs not letting ambulances to reach for med aid waiitng for 6+ hours at Al Hind Hospital , almost 15 injured firing is still going on at MUSTAFABAD. @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia @DelhiPolice @fayedsouza @RanaAyyub

RT @tufailelif: RT @tufailelif: If you are in New Delhi tomorrow/Friday, this is a must-go event on new book by @Aparna_Pande

RT @tufailelif: Iran condemns wave of violence against Muslims in Delhi “Iran condemns the wave of organised violence against Indian Muslims. For centuries, Iran has been a friend of India. We urge Indian authorities to ensure the wellbeing of ALL Indians...…

RT @Jan_Achakzai: How should 🇵🇰 respond? —#India raising stakes in Balochistan, re, proxy attacks. —Delhi heating up LOC w/ higher calibre. —🇮🇳 seeks 2 destabilise 🇦🇫 via false flag ops. —🇮🇳 replaces TTP in Ex FATA w/ PTM elements bleeding 🇵🇰. —Karachi 2 be boiled soon. Comment pls!

RT @IamYasif: Heart breaking scenes from Indian Capital New Delhi where police is torturing muslims. Enough is enough, we Arabs have to stop #Islamophobia_In_India and raise voice for Kashmiri brothers now #RSS_KillingMuslims.

RT @AbdulHamidAhmad: RT @AbdulHamidAhmad: Stop blaming Modi for Delhi riots and all things evil in India…

RT @TawabGhorzang1: Recently, voilance in Delhi caused huge damage. Muslims in particular along with Hindus were killed. Unfortunately, Pak is once again using the "religious card" to misguide people by saying that only Muslims were targeted.

Yasir Pirzada (pakistan) tweeted :

Why BJP is unable to stop violence against Muslims in Delhi?◽ Reasons behind Muslims massacre in Delhi via @YouTube

These aren’t communal riots in Delhi, but official attack on Muslims. 50+ Muslims have been killed under govt. patronage, while religious sanctuaries are also being destroyed. These riots may spread! The world must atop bloodthirsty Modi to safeguard region’s peace.