All deleted tweets from politicians

Liezl van der Merwe (IFP) tweeted :

When is the President CR speaking us again? Or is it lockdown level 4, forever? Silence isn’t always golden😬#Covid_19 #Lockdownlevel4 #lockDownSouthAfrica

@MolekoNav @Mandla_ka_Duma One in eight Londoners isn’t British born. How’s that?

Ndiyatyholwa, ndimtsha qha- a black persons who isn’t cracking. Abantu bamangazwa bobu buhle bungaka

The new dawn isn’t working!

The engagement with AgriSA isn’t a first and forms part of ongoing interaction between the ANC and civil groups. We’re engaging with students, labor, LGBTI groups and no one must be left behind. #ThumaMina

ANC isn’t after communal land, what is the point of expropriating land that is already in the hands of our people. #ThumaMina

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

But isn’t he the problem, triggering a debate on land redistribution without compensation, in an effort to co-opt radical opposition parties, which, in the end, is impeding any chance of a recovery in SA?

No, FAKE NEWS - he isn’t my father. This is my colleague and the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation RSA.…

When Jehovah’s Witness ( Helen’s Witness ) isn’t that convincing....

Why aren’t the Indy publications editors standing the ground? I’m sure it isn’t easy and Iqbal Survé is a bully, but surely there is a land in the sand that cannot be crossed & that is editorial independence?