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Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation(SAMAF) RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live


Author of India Social. Social Media & IT strategist, AAP. The bullet doesn’t kill. What kills is the silence of people. #Patriot #Entrepreneur #Consultant

RT @TonjaMarieka: A racist man doesn’t change. They learn to tolerate. I saw it with my dad & me bringing my black boyfriends over slowly d…

#EFFTurns6 (EFF) replied to @MakayNkathazo :

@MakayNkathazo @austinskhu But she doesn’t have to walk free.... you have evidence for PP to investigate on her campaign, lodge it with PP. whether or not he was set up really can’t be the point, it is whether or not it happened!

The judgement never said she doesn’t understand the law. That is your own insert. And it never said she is not fit to hold office. Even the High Court gets it wrong, hence you have the option to go to the ConCourt. The PP remains in office and must be respected

RT @mbindwane: Big Debate Show is so bad cause the host is bad. She’s not a TV host. Radio bullies can’t do TV moderating. It doesn’t work.…

@Yandani_YM’s father doesn’t like liars. Ntate Muriti @mmusiMaimane watch this

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

You can’t make this up. This @Our_DA Councillor in Sea Point doesn’t want social housing in her area because it will “turn the area into a Khayelitsha by the sea”. #VoteEFF2019 for #OurLandandJobsNow #EndDARacism

RT @mbindwane: Zille just opened wounds again and equated her tax boycott calls if DA doesn’t win to Bambatha Battle when white immigrant c…

RT @mbindwane: A leader confronts an issue and doesn’t run away from it, a leader apologizes for any disappointment he causes. A leader u…

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

SA’s ex-president [Kgalema Motlanthe] also admitted that he doesn’t think that Ramaphosa can help the ANC get out of this bad rut.…

RT @Reagoikanya: Just because the process hurts doesn’t mean the results won’t be beautiful.