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RT @_LiberalPatriot: I give you just three of the smart, effective, and dedicated leaders of the @LibDems in London. @CarolinePidgeon @SiobhanBenita @LuisaPorritt Every one of them an ambassador for something better. #IWD2020

RT @georgegalloway: My plan is simple. The pro #Unity candidates don’t oppose each other in the constituencies and we form joint lists for the 2nd vote. If we do that we win. The SNP loses. The era of Grudge can be at an end #Alliance4Unity

RT @georgegalloway: SEX TAPES | Is the only way out for #Ghislaine Maxwell to 'cough' and hand over the evidence? #MOATS #Epstein #Maxwell THE TRUTH WILL OUT! @georgegalloway | @RT_com | @SputnikInt | @MoatsTV | @RTUKnews

RT @JWhitakerthe3rd: RT @JWhitakerthe3rd: @tom_watson @georgegalloway to paraphrase the great Kevin Keegan- I would f**ING love it if George beats you

RT @sud55_allan: This video of Brians Wilson& Montieth @TheBluetrot's a curtain raiser for a campaign to get the opposition OPPOSING the nationalists &PROPOSING policies to defeat them in 2021, save & transform Scotland bin indyref ball&chain.@georgegalloway

RT @deetoured: RT @deetoured: Anti-war, ex pharma lobbyist @OwenSmith_MP goes to, er, an arms dealer dinner via @daverussell

RT @deepends: RT @deepends: @georgegalloway and blairism was the very reason Labour wiped out in Scotland

RT @le_bassett: RT @le_bassett: My faith in the people of Britain has been restored. Thank you GoggleBox.

RT @131Weeks: 31st December 1918 Dublin Count George Noble Plunkett, recently elected Sinn Féin candidate for North Roscommon, arrives in Dublin after 7 months imprisonment in Birmingham Jail.

RT @Francis_Hoar: RT @Francis_Hoar: This is astonishing - by a Consultant in a Surrey hospital.…