All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @aranmlewis: Reminder of LibDem response to Steel’s evil conduct: 13 Mar 2019: Steel confesses cover-up of Smith’s paedophilia to Inquiry 15 Mar 2019: LibDems suspend Steel 15 May 2019: LibDems announce they have “cleared David Steel of any wrongdoing despite his admission” [Telegraph].

RT @ToryFibs: Way John Smith’s 25th anniversary of his death was marked yesterday speaks volumes Former Labour Deputy Leader, Prescott, spent it with John’s family saying, “I still miss him everyday” Current Labour Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, plays politics, “John would have backed a 2nd Ref”

RT @lassyalone: RT @lassyalone: Owen Smith’s biggest backer just lost it on social media, threatening violence against an MP [TWEETS]…