All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @justmegranty: @GlasgowAlbum Because the other 3 main party’s are fighting amongst themselves. They need to work together #Alliance4Unity @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway we need to rid Scotland of division and grievance #snpout2021

RT @darrengrimes_: Abott here is completely unable to justify her party’s anti-election stance to #Marr. Lost for words. They’re grinding our government and country to a halt for short term gain. Awful.

RT @aranmlewis: RT @aranmlewis: @chelleryn99 Wandsworth Labour MPs grieving at the party’s devastating defeat on 12 Dec 2019.

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Tom Watson has declared open war on the 17.4 million #Brexit voters, on his own party’s lime and on Democracy itself. It’s now him or it’s @jeremycorbyn It’s as simple as that

RT @TenPercent: 3 disabled politicians launch legal action against the govt. Labour’s Emily Brothers, Lib Dem David Buxton & Green party’s Simeon Hart say govt is breaching the Equality Act by failing to reopen the Access to Elected Office Fund (AEOF)… via @johnpringdns