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RT @broseph_stalin: Notice how our useless rightwing mayor @SadiqKhan spends all his time being “anti-trump”, pro-EU & other issues he has absolutely no power in affecting. This easy empty symbolism is to deflect from his record as pro-corporate, pro-developer, pro-landlord, pro-polluter & anti-poor

RT @EddieDempsey: Nationalisation of railways is dead under the terms of the EU 4th rail package due to come into force. France is already starting to sell off its passenger rail in order to 'comply with the legislation' in the words of the French Minister. Remainers just pretend it's not real.

RT @EddieDempsey: RT @EddieDempsey: All this deal waffle with the EU is shite talk. They dont want to negotiate a deal. Leave first then negotiate.

RT @EddieDempsey: In 16 Juncker called for an "EU security union with the end goal of establishing a European army" The EU Parliament's response? It called to upgrade its military to "its full potential as a world power" now Irelands neutrality is binned by PESCO. #EUEmpire…

RT @EddieDempsey: RT @EddieDempsey: The EU. The Trade Union for people who hate trade unions.…

RT @EddieDempsey: Insane EU total austerity is crushing Italy and is a recruiting seargent for the far right. The so called left pro EU parties selling this to workers as progressive is failing.…

RT @EddieDempsey: No referenda where the people voted against the EU institutions has ever been respected. A second referendum is a smokescreen to overturn democracy. The EU is never going to do a deal on withdrawal in good faith. The whole thing is a sham. That's why I am in favour of No Deal.

RT @EddieDempsey: My @RMTunion campaigned to #leave the #EU we don't support the #FreeMovementOfCapital which you complain about yet is perminant in the #SingleMarket. You can't complain about it if you are in favour of it much less use it to bash people for not kowtowing to transnational capital.…

RT @EddieDempsey: Remaining in the EU would not simply mean stability. It would mean a drive to a federalist superstate. An EU army and common foreign policy engaged in aggressive eastward expansion, domination of Africa, deeper privatisation and all without any semblance of democratic control

RT @EddieDempsey: The EU is a privatisation machine. We were right to vote Leave. You can watch the progress of the EU privatising national assets - From the EU's own Rail Market Monitor.