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RT @David__Osland: Nick Cohen compares Corbyn's Labour to Franco's Spain, Greece under the Colonels, Apartheid South Africa and the entirety of Stalinist eastern Europe, in one breathtaking single sentence. Then he brands Keir Starmer 'a collaborator'. Astonishing stuff.…

RT @disruptivesigna: Is Corbyn's greatest asset also his weakest? @georgegalloway @talkRADIO @jeremycorbyn | George Galloway ➡️

RT @WesOgo: RT @WesOgo: I love Corbyn's head on Sir Ian McKellen. #VoteCorbyn for a fairer Britain.…

RT @Kirsty_Maj0r: Khan's decision to allow residents to vote on estate regeneration is brilliant. Inevitable after Corbyn's speech at conference and the fall out from Haringey, Southwark etc. Well done people like @sianberry for campaigning on this for years!…

RT @zei_nabq: Jo Maugham, no ally of Corbyn's, has come out with a shocking statement regarding systematic anti-Corbyn bias in the BBC, which he has heard firsthand from a senior BBC exec how do alt-centrist react? By claiming he was hacked! amazing

RT @David__Osland: If only the Labour right were as determined to end austerity and inequality as they are to end Corbyn's leadership, we'd all be in a lot better place

RT @adamgarriereal: @bobjustice10 @jeremycorbyn @georgegalloway @Satiresocialist So people are allowed to care about Jeremy Corbyn's past but he's not allowed to mock the past of the man whose nose knows best?

RT @DailyMailUK: RT @DailyMailUK: Corbyn's son Tommy opens a cannabis products shop called the National HEMP Service

RT @RT_sputnik: Jackie Walker's expulsion from Corbyn's #LabourParty may go down as one of the most unbelievable episodes. She's been, despite being Jewish and black, called a racist and anti-Semite. And women in the #RussianRevolution, turns out, played an extraordinarily important role!

RT @bobjustice10: @EvanCull @georgegalloway @jonstern100 More tea vicar? Unfortunately PLP is a lumpen mass of nothingness, & Corbyn's presumably in charge of it😳😯😕. Lets remember. Israeli 'campaigners' have waged a war to keep #Neoliberalism cntr stage. That's a war against OUR vulnerable. Thornberry is meant to be a voice for chg