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RT @BenGoldsmith: Backdoor efforts by some angling groups to block the restoration of beavers in Britain is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Fish need water. Beavers engineer the catchment to hold back water. Beavers and fish have lived side by side for millions of years.

RT @fvckcapitaIism: Erdogan uses the Palestinian cause to bolster his image and then behind the scenes he’s friendly as hell with the Zionists, this being just one of many examples. Yet people still think he’s one of Palestine’s top proponents? Comment section full of pro ‘Israel’ Turks too.

RT @georgegalloway: BREAKING NEWS | George Galloway issues categoric denial, after 'painful false' claims emerge on Youtube. #MOATS #TakeThat FAKE NEWS: @georgegalloway | @moatstv | @RT_com | @SputnikInt | @Robbiewilliams

RT @ChrisK76852117: Parking permit delivered in two days and a new Richmond card sent immediately on request. Bin collections on time and complete. Well done and thanks to @LBRUT staff for their hard work in this difficult time. @JuliaNedenWatts @Gareth_Roberts_

RT @wdickson63: RT @wdickson63: I wonder how the @LibDems position themselves now ? Maybe they could go left. Sir @Keir_Starmer left them a lot of space.

RT @wdickson63: Why are we still talking about 20,000 Covid deaths in the UK when this FT report was released on 22nd April saying we had upto 41,000 then ? UK coronavirus deaths more than double official figure, according to FT study | Free to read… via @financialtimes

RT @wdickson63: @georgegalloway George great to understand how a poor country like Vietnam sharing a large land border with China and with a considerably larger population than the UK is reporting no Covid deaths if you think it's worth asking ?👇

RT @wdickson63: RT @wdickson63: Has anybody seen the leader of the opposition Sir Keith whats his name ?

RT @wdickson63: RT @wdickson63: One of the great "Starmer type socialists" ◽