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RT @sahouraxo: The man who is literally starving the people of Iran, Syria and Venezuela with criminal sanctions is lecturing us about defending human rights.

RT @sahouraxo: The people of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Venezuela and Ukraine, to name just a few, can all attest to just how terrible John McCain was.

RT @PGDynes: The last time something as ridiculous as this happened was when Britain recognised Pol Pot as the rightful leader! #Venezuela #VenezuelaLibre…

RT @CoolHuh_: RT @CoolHuh_: So John, how's your Venezuela morning going on?

RT @sahouraxo: The US, which has bombed or destabilized Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Ukraine, Bolivia and many others in the last 19 years alone, says #Iran, which has not attacked another country in over 200 years, must behave normally? Alrighty then.

RT @sahouraxo: Mike Pompeo is a monster. Increasing immoral sanctions against Iran, Venezuela and Syria in the midst of a pandemic; threatening Iraq with all-out war; and bullying nations ravaged by #coronavirus into rejecting help from Cuba’s doctors, is the very antithesis of helping others.

RT @sahouraxo: Mainstream media wants you to listen to the people of Venezuela... Except when they massively come out against outside intervention and aggression. Then mainstream media pretends they don’t exist.

RT @sahouraxo: The Venezuelan people that the mainstream media isn’t interested in covering: Massive rallies were held in Venezuela yesterday against US intervention and aggression. #HandsOffVenezuela

RT @sahouraxo: Wow. Look at these huge protests in #Venezuela against the “brutal dictator” Maduro. Oh no, wait. These Venezuelans are actually marching against Trump’s criminal sanctions, blockade and starvation of their country. Whoopsies! Nothing to see here 🤗

RT @sahouraxo: If these protests were happening in Russia, Venezuela or Iran, rather than #Paris, #France today, they’d be the top story in corporate media worldwide, and front page news in every Western paper. #pompiers #PompiersEnColère #greve28janvier